420 High Rollers is dedicated to the craft of gathering cannabis connoisseurs & supporters, creating a place to call home in the digital gaming world. 

Originally started on PS4 in 2014 at the launch of Destiny, we have since grown like a ωєє∂ to reach players of all platforms & game-styles. From PC with Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds to Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch. 

There’s members all around the world from all walks of life that share the passion for this quest. From the super sweaty competitive PvP type… to the chill back, light up a joint, and dominate a raid type.

Nothings better than being baked on your favorite video game & conversing with like-minded stoners.

Having godlike skill is not a necessity here, it’s more about good positive people to converse with. (Do feel free to carry though, if your game is on point)

Interested in joining?  We’re looking for 18+ like-minded individuals to join us on this journey! Discord is used as the main form of live voice & text chat communication. Click “Connect” on our Discord Widget above!(18+ only)