<Unhallowed> Guild is a division of the 420 High Rollers® gaming community.

<Unhallowed> is a freshly formed Classic HORDE NA PvP Guild that’s comprised of veteran WoW players of all expansions & experience. We aim to clear content in a reasonable amount of time, all while providing a laidback, yet organized atmosphere. Looking to explore & dominate everything Classic has to offer.

Raid Schedule:
Tues/Wed: 7:30-11:00PM PST
Sunday: 5:30-9PM PST

☄️What we’re looking for:
»Actual humans whom have a sense of humor, but know when to be serious in tight situations
»Strict 18+ age requirement
»Have a mic & be able to communicate effectively
»Knowledge of basic class mechanics/Know your role
»Be prepared & on time to raid with proper talents + consumables/UI Addons
»Drama Free
»Seeking for players that enjoy playing the game beyond just logging on for raids.
»PvP battleground Gods 😈

If you’re interested in joining please sign up on our Google Docs Form (Click Here) 🤘🏻

https://forms.gle/bdtJuG9CWC184cD96 – sign up for raid!

Current Class Needs for raiding: